Whole Genome Sequencing of Listeria monocytogenes for Outbreak Surveillance and Detection

Project Summary

Listeria moncytogenes is an important cause of foodborne illness.Recently whole genome sequencing has emerging as a a powerful tool for comparing bacterial isolates in outbreak investigations and detection.

Conventional typing methods for L. monocytogenes rely on serotyping isolates or performing MLST.  Howver both of these methods lack resolution making it difficult to accurately detect and investigates foodborne outbreaks associated with this bacterium.

This project aims to compare whole genome sequencing of L. moncytogenes to conventional typing methods for epidemiologic surveillance of L. monocytogenesisolates using a collection of Australian isolates dating back to 2012.

Project Partner

DCAMG internal project

Project Team

Dr Jason Kwong

Ms Karolina Mercoulia

Ms Marion Easton

Dr Dieter Bulach

A/Prof Timothy Stinear

A/Prof Torsten Seemann

Prof Ben Howden